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Retrieved July 7, I am highly intolerant and disrespectful when it comes to people who believe my people are undeserving of equality in the eyes of the law. I dunno…the lady doth protest too much… Would that make you gay?

Initially the song was titled "California Girls", but the spelling was changed to "California Gurls" after the passing of Big Star member Alex Chilton as a nod to their song, " September Gurls ".

There are a lot of great gay parents! I have friends that are gay and I love them dearly but I do not support or agree with their lifestyle. Guy berryman nakeguyana naked and afraid. At least I do have some substance behind my thoughts… Unlike your primitive trogloditical self, to use your terminology just so you will understand. I just came here to see a little more of Carrie.

I proudly condemn anyone who disagrees with me on that issue. Nude girls in california. And yet when she gave her answer people in the audience booded. She does outreach work with children for the organization Colage children of gays and lesbians she is straight and the sweetest person you will ever meet.

In this case it stems from pure narcissim. She answered the question giving her personal opinion. I am a Christian and I know, I am not perfect, I know I sin, I can also say with a certainty that I am saved, but by Grace and not my own actions, not by my ideas, not by anything I have done or by my own attitude, the blood of Jesus Christ saves me, can you say the same. How are people selfish for wanting the same rights as you?

The sad thing about you is that you think being an activist for equality is a good deed or such a big deal. Nicole tyler nude. Moat of the hetrohobe comments here betray the lie in your statement.

In a tease, website TheDirty. I think it is just so wrong that just because Perez took offense to a womans personal view on a issue that he is willing to let this gals career go down the drain because he is being so nasty.

Jesus did not tolerate wrong nor should anyone… homosexuality is wrong which is obvious… we do not have to accept it as right…. Brett, I am speaking in Church this Sunday, an accepting diverse congregation of all kinds of people, so please spare me your proselytizing…I do not need to be saved or converted to your chosen belief structure…your truth is your truth, not THE truth.

The hateful, vitriolic little hetrophobes who lamely attempt to demean, even destroy her are the losers. When Miss California gave her response the cheers heavily outweighed the itty bitty boos. So by default anything that is based on hate is wrong but that has nothing to do with tolerance as the lefty loons like to use the word!

It acts as a blood thinner. I know a bigot when I hear one, or read comments like yours. He went back home, still a bitter loser and launched his misogynistic hate attack. If You Disagree… Fine.

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What is right is wrong and what is wrong is right.

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In this case it stems from pure narcissim. Let her be forgotten now. Hot girls licking wet pussy. Death will come for us all and their is nothing in religion that prevents that so what is their to be afraid of! Polish Dance Chart [87]. If you want my people to remain second-class citizens, I do not consider you human, and I believe that your death would be a blessing to the planet and the Universe as a whole.

The Nazis,Slave owners in America, segregationists etc. Nude girls in california. Being gay is not a right. This committee is so hypocritical. List of number-one dance airplay hits of U. Perez Hilton did not make a fool of himself, he is a fool quite naturally. The greatest problem her is that all sides are caught up in a fight over this while greater problems are happening around us and we must focus on the real deal, and love one another and quit bashing each other and understand that our neighbor may never be what we want him or her to be, but we should continue to love them, and hope for their joy and peace and happiness, and let God help us all overcome the issues in our lives.

Polish Airplay Top The gay community is just showing how small they are with the name calling. Indian girls nude gif. Retrieved February 1, There are so many ways to do it. They are the nuclear weapons of the gay agenda. You judge everyone by those who you believe to have a better than thou, I can do no wrong attitude. I feel that way too. What a bunch of sick hypocits. This opens the veins more, plus you bleed out quicker, thus suffering less pain overall.

Finland Suomen virallinen lista [75]. Naked fashion week. I think it is just so wrong that just because Perez took offense to a womans personal view on a issue that he is willing to let this gals career go down the drain because he is being so nasty.

But then YOu judge others for what they believe in. Instead, cut up the arm, parallel to it. I feed many … give most of my profits to the needy hungry and disenfrachised and will continue to walk my talk … unlike you hypocrits. Why does she have to apologize? I do not have to like them or their beliefs and I do not have to change mine or censor myself to be tolerant.

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