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I saw this in another thread but it needs a repost. In the new scene from American Made, Cruise proves that he really does have one of the best asses in the biz.

He did a lot of squatting in "Legend", showing off his muscular thighs. Naked naughty college girls. Who's the bio dad? He was a chunky fat ass in Rain Man. Is that how Tom got discovered? One particular feature on Cruise's nude shroud is turning heads: He also isn't as perfect as he seemed either, he has a big nose not a bad thing on a guy by any means and I'd love to know the story about them teefs.

No one would ever have cared if he were gay or straight had he not once been extremely sexy once upon a time. Tom cruise naked butt. Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has. I used to stare at this picture until my vision was blurry. It is a cute butt. When he did Interview he was so insecure about how his fat ass would look next to Brad Pitt that he had liposuction on it.

The A-list star has always been the subject of weird and wonderful stories, although the latest is one of the most bizarre - and, as the star tells it, unfounded. Big natural tits 22. Hell, the stand in may even be padded. I know he is crazy, but he is still a great looking guy.

All those shots posted do no justice. Stanley did a bad, bad film. And now he's as artificial and soulless as Michael Jackson, in his own way. His ass looks ripe for fucking in this pic. His moobs and womanly hips are pretty gross though. Is it true that TC had butt implants? He too crazy for even a one night stand.

It looks pretty fine here Give up the PR, team Tammy. Do you want to go to the Brazilian edition? Learn More Have an account?

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The A-list star has always been the subject of weird and wonderful stories, although the latest is one of the most bizarre - and, as the star tells it, unfounded.

Which famous guys also have lady hips and butts? He probably had the caps taken out for The Outsiders. A hologram for the king nude. Impossible star was recently unveiled to celebrate his 25th anniversary with the Church of Scientology.

Give it a try! Would you like to view this in our Australian edition? His ass is pretty delicious. Tom cruise naked butt. You'll have to scroll down towards the end of the page to see the part that I copied for the Going Clear thread.

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Nicole's butt is a work of art. This content is available customized for our international audience. Is this thread an example of a Scieno astroturf operation? As you can see, the perspective definitely makes Cruise's rear end look disproportionate:.

I loved him with the long hair back in when he filmed Ridley Scott's "Legend". Their overreach is obvious. Choose which channels you want to receive uncheck all to unsubscribe Gossip. In case it wasn't obvious, I never saw the movie, but apparently there's some running gag in which Cruise's character flashes his wife and children before he gets on a plane.

Plus a big part of Cruise's success was that killer smile, perhaps the biggest asset to have in looks. So they become works of art. Massive boobs escorts. But you never really get it. Tom Cruise has responded to the meme about his allegedly fake butt in 's Valkyrie. No, we will not share your email address with anyone or send you spam. My room was in the other wing of the house. The thing about Tom Cruise is that he's been such a self-deluded homophobic cunt with a Messiah complex that gay men here like to pretend he's unattractive physically and always has been.

Hell, the stand in may even be padded. It's easy to subscribe and unsubscribe when you want to. They made a big to-do about it on ET or one of those entertainment news shows. Jeanette marie nude. It looks pretty fine here God only knows what other things besides penises and sex toys have gone in and out of his ass since then.

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